Liquid atactic butadiene
oligmer derived by
polymerizing butadiene


NISSO-PB products of Nippon Soda comprise a large portfolio of liquid polybutadienes, synthesized by the living anionic polymerization method. Utilizing this method polybutadienes with an extraordinary high 1,2-vinyl content can be manufactured, which are rare and highly sought-after goods. 

Our product range comprises additionally terminal modified 1,2-vinyl rich polybutadienes, as well as polybutadienes modified at the 1,2-vinyl group position, allowing a wide range of usage. Moreover Nippon Soda offers product groups with a variety of molecular weight and viscosity. 

Due to their structures these polymers show specific characteristics like water resistance, flexibility, very low dielectric constant, chemical and heat resistance and thus they can be applied in many fields as resin modifiers, plasticizers, co-agents for rubber, adhesives, TPU elastomers, and many more. 

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